Houston Office

Office Location and Contact

2404 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77004

P: 832-582-0061


Harris County Director:

Resha Thomas

Harris County Field Coordinator:

Alain Cisneros

Harris County Office Manager:

Gloria Villareal

Communications Coordinator:

Al Ortiz


The Harris County office of the Texas Organizing Project organizes in the following neighborhoods:

  • 5th Ward
  • East End
  • Sunnyside
  • Acres Homes
  • Denver Harbor
  • Pasadena

Local Campaigns:

In addition to statewide campaigns like Immigration and Health Care, the Harris County TOP Office works on the following campaigns:

  •  Housing - Low income neighborhoods disproportionately suffer for multiple reasons: decades of government neglect, red lining by the banks, and tough natural climates (Hurricane Ike), just to name a few. This leads to neighborhoods that already have decaying infrastructure becoming unlivable. TOP in Harris County is leading the effort to ensure new development projects meet the needs and standard of neighborhood residents.

  • Ports - Portside community residents are concerned about the health and economic impacts of planned expansion at the Port of Houston. For too long, the poor and minority residents of these communities have borne the burdens of commercial activity at the port without enjoying the benefits. TOP is working to promote the establishment of more health clinics, more job training programs and more local hiring policies so port residents can benefit port expansion.

  • Pasadena - Pasadena Proposition 1, which narrowly passed during the citywide elections, essentially dilutes the Hispanic voice on the Pasadena City Council. The measure, proposed by Mayor Johnny Isbell, replaces two single-member districts with two at-large districts. The two single-member districts that would be replaced are mostly Hispanic districts. After a determined campaign to defeat the discriminatory measure at the ballot, TOP is now working on the next steps to ensure that this measure is not implemented and that the Latino voice in Pasadena is preserved!

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2404 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77004

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